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about us!

Kröll - agriculture and direct marketing

has stood for good taste and excellent quality for many years.

Our goal is to maintain this high standard sustainably and with consideration for our valuable nature and the cultivation areas of the south-east Styrian hill country.

Nach wie vor mit Tradition!
Alte werte nicht vergessen!

Our company


Our farm is located in the so-called green heart of Austria, Styria,

in the district of Southeast Styria, in Fladnitz in the Raabtal .

Here we run an agriculture that has a tradition of several hundred years and is still run as a family business to this day.


Our specialty is the production of Styrian pumpkin seed oil PGI!


Our company has been in the manufacturing process for around twenty years
specializes in green gold and is one of the 200 seed oil companies awarded nationwide.


We cultivate our pumpkin fields not only with sustainability in mind, but also with a passion for the pumpkin plant.



Hence our motto:

"From cultivation to pressing,

with passion for the plant! "

Zeichnung Landwirtschaft


Styrian seed oil company



“The top pumpkin seed oils are chosen every year.

At the national award, the local producers achieved the best rating to date.

There was also a record attendance, ”congratulates the President of the Chamber of Agriculture, Franz Titschenbacher.


Only the best Styrian pumpkin seed oil PGI is awarded the golden badge!

And that is exactly a certificate for the best quality!


“Styrian pumpkin seed oil has become a culinary flagship in Styria in recent years

and has meanwhile also become available in the international

Specialty kitchens have found their place.

The quality of the 'green gold' is undisputed at a very high level, but our local farmers with their hard work and dedication continue to strive to raise this quality even further. "


Agricultural Councilor Johann Seitinger


Prämierter Betrieb


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