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to Kröll- Landwirtschaft und Direktvermarktung!

Kröll - agriculture and direct marketing stands for many years for good taste and excellent quality.

Our goal is to maintain this high standard sustainable and with respect to our precious nature and the acreage of the Southeast Styrian hill country Quality from Ack to the bottle to sure.

Pumkin seed oil
Emmer cereals


Pumpkin seed oil g.g.A.



Discover our best Styrian pumpkin seed oil PGI!

In the bottle, can or for large quantities in a stainless steel canister, delivered throughout Styria.


Best quality awarded by the examination committee!

"Best quality!

distinguished by the

Examination committee! "


Original Pumpkinseedoil from Styria!

no other food is as intrinsically linked with Styria as Styrian pumpkin seed oil.

This regionality has to be protectet! Therefore, in 1996 the European Commission approved the protected geographical indication "Styrian pumpkin seed oil" for the Styrian pumpkin seed oil in accordance with the then valid Regulation (EEC) No. 2081/92. Source:

Our Styrian pumpkin seed oil

... protected geographical indication

tante emmer logo.png


What is that exactly?

Emmer is not only one of the oldest types of grain, but also one of the healthiest!
As an ancient grain, it evolved around 200,000 years ago from the then not yet domesticated
Primeval grass developed and was also cultivated in Styria until late in the 19th century

We have rediscovered this old type of grain for ourselves!

... Secret tip: the best original grain among bakers!

Emmer gemahlenes Vollkornmehl
Emmer Vollkornmehl

The original product!

... emmer cereals and wholemeal flour

Our whole wheat pasta made from emmer

... also available vegan and in a paper sack!

Other emmer products

... snacks, flakes, grain mix and more!



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